How Serious is My Tax Situation?

You risk losing your rights and your property - not to mention your money.


Waiting Will Only Make The Problem More Expensive.
When you’re late paying your property taxes, penalties, fees and interest are added to your balance. Interest charges are 1% per month, assessed on the first of the month and cannot be reversed. The County will also apply a monthly penalty, in addition to interest, between February and June, which varies from 1 to 6 percent. Lastly, on July 1st, following the deadline your taxes are due, delinquent property taxes are automatically referred to an attorney for collection, and a collection fee of 15-20%, depending on the County, may be added to your tax balance. What’s more, if the attorney responsible for collecting your debt files a lawsuit against your property, legal fees and court costs will be added to your balance.

Waiting Could Strip You Of Your Rights
If your property has a mortgage, the lender has the legal right to pay the property taxes, with or without your permission. They can then force you into an escrow agreement, raising your monthly mortgage payment to an amount higher than your budget can handle.

Waiting Could Cause You To Lose Your Home
Once fees, penalties, interest and other expenses are added to your property tax balance, you could lose your home to foreclosure. By converting a large obligation to a manageable monthly payment, you can avoid costly penalties and legal action, saving your most valuable asset.