What are My Options?

Learn what you need to know to make a decision.

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DO NOTHING Your taxes could incur penalties, interest, and collection fees of up to 43% in the first year, and ultimately, the Collector may foreclose upon your property.

SET UP AN ESCROW ACCOUNT Your mortgage holder may pay off the current year’s taxes by setting up an escrow agreement—with or without your permission.

PAY IN FULL You can always pay your delinquent taxes in one lump sum.

SPLIT PAYMENTS You might have the option to pay 50% by November 30th and the balance by June 30th.

COLLECTION PAYMENT PLAN The Collection Agent may be authorized to offer you a payment plan, but may not waive future penalties and interest.

PROPERTY TAX LOAN A property tax loan can halt legal action and save your house from foreclosure, while giving you a low monthly payment you can handle.