Portfolio: commercial

Richard T, Williamson County

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 15

Total Loan: >$250,000

One Year Savings: $110,000

I can’t say enough how appreciative I am for your service and dedication over the years. Y’all are making it possible for me to tough out this recession versus having to dump good real estate in a poor economy. I certainly appreciate that.

Lewis J, Travis County

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 50

Total Loan: >$100,000

One Year Savings: $23,000

We have been customers of Texas Tax Solution for over three years. After the financial crisis in 2008, when traditional banks stopped lending money, they provided us the financing and flexibility to retain our properties.

Beyond our immediate financing needs, their customer service has been excellent. They are always available to answer our questions, no matter the hour of the day or time of the year.

Last year, my parents faced difficulty in paying their own property taxes; and when they needed assistance, it was very easy to recommend that they contact TTS for assistance. With my parents, who own several collections of development properties, they not only arranged to finance their property taxes, but also found ways to help lower their taxes for the coming year. Without their assistance, my parents would have been in jeopardy of losing their home. I will always be grateful to TTS in our time of need.

Rajesh M, Harris County

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 2

Total Loan: >$750,000

One Year Savings: $291,149

We operate a pair of five-star hotels in Dallas and Houston. The latest recession has had a drastic result on hotel occupancy in the region, as business travelers sharply decreased. Without Texas Tax Solution, we would have had to cease operations. Period.

I am very grateful to the assistance that they have been able to provide me and my business partners over the years. They make navigating the cumbersome regulation for a loan easy and straightforward, and I would not choose anyone else.