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Since property taxes can add up to thousands of dollars a year, it’s no wonder many of us simply can’t afford to pay them on time. If you’ve fallen behind on your property taxes, we can help you repay what you owe, stopping fees and interest from accruing.

We provide loans to pay property taxes for any type of real estate for which property taxes are levied, including residential, commercial, investment properties, and land (developed or undeveloped).

Your home is too important to risk. Let Texas Tax Solution get you back on track.

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 50

Total Loan: >$100,000

One Year Savings: $23,000

We have been customers of Texas Tax Solution for over three years. After the financial crisis in 2008, when traditional banks stopped lending money, they provided us the financing and flexibility to retain our properties.

Beyond our immediate financing needs, their customer service has been excellent. They are always available to answer our questions, no matter the hour of the day or time of the year.

Last year, my parents faced difficulty in paying their own property taxes; and when they needed assistance, it was very easy to recommend that they contact TTS for assistance. With my parents, who own several collections of development properties, they not only arranged to finance their property taxes, but also found ways to help lower their taxes for the coming year. Without their assistance, my parents would have been in jeopardy of losing their home. I will always be grateful to TTS in our time of need.

—Lewis J, Travis County

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 15

Total Loan: >$250,000

One Year Savings: $110,000

I can't say enough how appreciative I am for your service and dedication over the years. Y’all are making it possible for me to tough out this recession versus having to dump good real estate in a poor economy. I certainly appreciate that.

—Richard T, Williamson County

Customer Type: Individual

Number of Properties: 8

Total Loan: $8,200

One Year Savings: $2,952

Thank you so very much for all your help. It was wonderful to work with you. May God bless you & your family. Your help will allow us to keep and maintain the land we hold so dear for our children and grandchildren.

—Shelia Q, Hood County

Customer Type: Individual

Number of Properties: 1

Total Loan: $35,500

One Year Savings: $13,135

My close friend was preparing to send her closing documents to another company. I had recently done a loan with Texas Tax Solution and offered to look over everything to make sure she was getting the best deal.

I couldn’t believe how much this other company was charging her! Their expenses were easily three times higher than my loan, and the interest rate was three points higher. We called Texas Tax Solution together, and they were able to lower her monthly payments by 20% and cut her closing costs by two-thirds. And they did it all after business hours on a Friday.

—Ruth B, Tarrant County

Customer Type: Individual

Number of Properties: 1

Total Loan: $8,700

Texas Tax Solution went so far above and beyond the call of duty I don’t even know where to begin. We called on a Saturday, due to receiving a letter stating that we were being sued for delinquent property taxes. We didn't expect anyone to be available on a weekend, and were thrilled when one of their loan officers spent over an hour with us to explain how their services worked and what we could expect during the legal process with our lawsuit.

This was my wife's childhood home, and she was losing sleep over the thought of losing it. TTS contacted the attorney for us, gave us multiple options (including not using their services!), and helped us to figure out the best way to pay the taxes. They even identified errors in our legal documents, which proved invaluable when we went to sell the property. Honestly, I don’t know how we would have done it without them.

—Michael & Christine R, Harris County

Customer Type: Individual

Number of Properties: 1

Total Loan: $13,750

One Year Savings: $1,650

On a late Thursday evening, I contacted them in sheer desperation after exhausting all other options. My home was scheduled to be sold the following Tuesday for payment of back taxes. Sympathetic to my needs, the entire staff of TTS worked through the weekend to make sure that I could keep my property. By Monday morning, the County Sheriff had a check in hand, and my house was saved! I can’t imagine any other company going through the supreme efforts and time constraints they went through, and on a weekend no less.

Without Texas Tax Solution, I would not still own my home today. Thank you so much. I will never forget your help!

—Johnnie S, Bexar County

Customer Type: Commercial

Number of Properties: 2

Total Loan: >$750,000

One Year Savings: $291,149

We operate a pair of five-star hotels in Dallas and Houston. The latest recession has had a drastic result on hotel occupancy in the region, as business travelers sharply decreased. Without Texas Tax Solution, we would have had to cease operations. Period.

I am very grateful to the assistance that they have been able to provide me and my business partners over the years. They make navigating the cumbersome regulation for a loan easy and straightforward, and I would not choose anyone else.

—Rajesh M, Harris County

How Serious is My Tax Situation?

You risk losing your rights and your property - not to mention your money.


Waiting Will Only Make The Problem More Expensive.
When you’re late paying your property taxes, penalties, fees and interest are added to your balance. Interest charges are 1% per month, assessed on the first of the month and cannot be reversed. The County will also apply a monthly penalty, in addition to interest, between February and June, which varies from 1 to 6 percent. Lastly, on July 1st, following the deadline your taxes are due, delinquent property taxes are automatically referred to an attorney for collection, and a collection fee of 15-20%, depending on the County, may be added to your tax balance. What’s more, if the attorney responsible for collecting your debt files a lawsuit against your property, legal fees and court costs will be added to your balance.

Waiting Could Strip You Of Your Rights
If your property has a mortgage, the lender has the legal right to pay the property taxes, with or without your permission. They can then force you into an escrow agreement, raising your monthly mortgage payment to an amount higher than your budget can handle.

Waiting Could Cause You To Lose Your Home
Once fees, penalties, interest and other expenses are added to your property tax balance, you could lose your home to foreclosure. By converting a large obligation to a manageable monthly payment, you can avoid costly penalties and legal action, saving your most valuable asset.

What are My Options?

Learn what you need to know to make a decision.

options_nothing options_escrow options_full options_split options_collection options_property


DO NOTHING Your taxes could incur penalties, interest, and collection fees of up to 43% in the first year, and ultimately, the Collector may foreclose upon your property.

SET UP AN ESCROW ACCOUNT Your mortgage holder may pay off the current year’s taxes by setting up an escrow agreement—with or without your permission.

PAY IN FULL You can always pay your delinquent taxes in one lump sum.

SPLIT PAYMENTS You might have the option to pay 50% by November 30th and the balance by June 30th.

COLLECTION PAYMENT PLAN The Collection Agent may be authorized to offer you a payment plan, but may not waive future penalties and interest.

PROPERTY TAX LOAN A property tax loan can halt legal action and save your house from foreclosure, while giving you a low monthly payment you can handle.


Calculate My Savings!

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Obtaining a tax loan from Texas Tax Solution can save you considerable time and expense. To estimate how much money you can save by paying your taxes today, simply input the amount of your property taxes and the term of loan, then select the type of loan in which you are interested.

Personalized Loan Information
Amortized Interest Only

Can I Trust Texas Tax Solution?

We differ from the rest in important ways.

We keep costs low. We strive to keep costs low to ensure you are able to repay your loans. We offer low closing costs, competitive rates and flexible payment terms. In fact, we will work with you to help manage your payments throughout the life of your loan.

We respect your privacy. We require no credit check or income verification, no home inspection, no insurance requirement and you do not need a checking account.

We have been trusted by your Texas neighbors for more than seven years and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a member of the Property Tax Lien Holders Association, fully licensed with the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner, and all of our loan officers are fully licensed through the federal National Mortgage Licensing System

Will I Qualify?

We have helped 95% of our callers. We can help you, too.

  • Are your Property Taxes past due?

    Property taxes are “past due” after January 31st for the preceding year’s taxes (e.g., 2012 taxes are due by January 31, 2013). For mortgage holders, Texas law does not allow us to pay your property taxes until they are past due.

  • Are you the Owner of the Property?

    In order to approve your loan, we must prove to the County that you are the legal owner of the property. This is done by producing a Deed which appears in the name of the borrower, their spouse, or a legal entity which they manage (such as a corporation or trust). In certain situations, such as an inheritance or legal separation, you may still be the legal owner even if your name does not appear on the Deed. In these cases, we can help you to file the documentation proving your ownership.

  • Are you under 65 and not disabled?

    The state of Texas offers a tax deferral program for homeowners 65 years of age or older and homeowners eligible for a disability exemption. These are typically the better option for most individuals. If you live at the property, you should contact your County Appraisal District and ask a representative about tax deferral. If the Property is not your residential homestead, such as an investment property or raw land, you would still be eligible for a property tax loan.

  • Are you currently in Bankruptcy?

    Even if you are in bankruptcy, we can still approve the application if the borrower receives permission from the Bankruptcy Trustee. If your bankruptcy was in the past and has been discharged, you are eligible for a property tax loan.

  • Is your Mortgage Current?

    You are current if your most recent mortgage payment is less than 90 days overdue. We can still provide a loan if your mortgage payment is past due, however, your mortgage company has the legal right to immediately pay off the loan and add the amount to your monthly mortgage payment.

  • What do I need to do next?

    Simply scroll down to begin. Submit an Application online to have one of our loan officers contact you, or call us toll-free at the number below to get started.

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